Ganga – The Flow of Life

21,906,769 – nearly 2.1 billion – A huge number- isn’t it? That’s the number of total specially able people in India, which amounts to about 2.1% of the total population as perc Census 2011. And among them a majority of specially-able people are subjected to discrimination, mental torture. Many people often forget that it’s never ever a crime to be “Disabled”. Instead of hatred, taunting if we approach these individuals with a little bit of love, they can lead a better life – After all, they are human too!

This story is about Ganga – the special orphan child. With disabled lower portion, and a mental disability, it’s tough to lead a life on her own. But her zeal has what made her special from others. She has the indomitable self-confidence – courage to gain knowledge and a mother like Dr. Michelle Harrison. Dr. Michelle with her continual support and care has made Ganga sprang to light thus enabling her to make this Transition – Transition from the melancholy world of darkness to the world of light. Her life’s struggle and courage to live better, is an epitome of what self-confidence along with love,care of near and dear ones can bring hope to a life which is apparently hopeless to many people. Ganga’s life is a lesson to all the people who treats specially able people as a curse, and will make the world think in a different way about the specially able ones.





    • Debu! Congratulations! Khub bhalo laglo pore. If you allow me, I would like to put some of my thoughts regarding this very serious issue that you have written about and what affects and make most of us think a lot. I think the whole matter of addressing specially able or challenged beings is not a black and white matter. It has possibly too much complexity and the nuances could be varying and equally perplexing! It might sound very cruel and heartless, but is also true, that in ‘Nature’, there’s no place for challenged souls. A mother bird would throw off her offspring who fails to learn how to fly or find food. That’s because the cost of maintaining that individual is just too much and would inflict great harm to the larger community of its kind! The natural selection (survival of the fittest) works on both animal-plant life systems as well as on us, the humans, and we are also ‘animals’, part of Mother Nature. But, in terms of rationality and practicality, possibly, the animal world is often (may not always) way ahead of us humans (e.g. as a rule a carnivore kills only because it’s hungry. Humans kill because they are angry!). So, what we perceive as ‘normal’ could be heavily questioned and justifiably suspected. What makes humans differ (not sure whether better) from other animals is that we add sentiments and value-based-judgements on issues that you have talked about in your post and many others such societal challenges. Now, how in the long run, in the evolutionary time-scale that will cost us is matter that only time will decide. Hope to see more detailed research and balanced arguments in your following posts! Again, congratulations. Thoroughly enjoyed your article. Best wishes. Bhalo thakish.

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